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Degree Records is a label running by Mirco Veitengruber & 212fahrenheit. In late 2012, the long-cherished dream of having their own label was about to come true. But the clear vision of Degree came up a good while before: giving an idea what raising the temperature by releasing the hottest tracks around means.

Degree is a music platform for well-known artists and producers, who want to top off their profile. The aspiration is to bring back producing electronic music as a knack and not as a compilation of bits and bytes with a short life character. There will be only few releases in a year with ArtCovers of high quality for both artists and collectors. No affectations by creating special sub-styles, just good music.

Please note: We will listen to all promo tracks! If we like your tracks, we’ll get back to you soon.

Neverending Groove