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Thomas Atzmann

Thomas Atzmann

Thomas Atzmann has been living and working in Hamburg since 2004 – but his music career is rooted in his southern German home. At the age of 14, he began DJing hip-hop music, impressing the local sprayer- and skater- community in the Rhein-Neckar-Triangle with his scratching-performances. ?In his early childhood and under the guidance of his father, he learned the ins and outs of computer assembly and modification (Commodore PC40) – so he soon felt the urge not only to spin music on turntables, but to also produce his own tracks.

He began producing music in 2000. After one year he was hooked on the Drum n Bass music scene in Mannheim, naturally influencing the development of his own music. As DJ Truebadour he has played Drum n Bass-sets throughout all of Germany (e.g Fightclub, Heidelberg; Dubwars, Heilbronn; Woodbass, Sinsheim etc.) and other European countries (e.g Mallorca) since 2003. During this time he extended his own studio, and the results of his work were released by labels like Protogen-Records. His further studies in sound engineering brought him to Hamburg in 2004. With his sense for his audience and his thrilling performances, he conquered the north of Germany (Clubs like Drumbule, Rote Flora, Mandarin Casino, Love City Festival, Hamburg; Dreamland, Bremen; Salutefire-Sessions etc.). Thomas Atzmann hates stagnation – the evolution of his music never ends.

In 2008 he started playing and producing Techno Since then he has had releases on labels like Envelope Records, Audiohandwerk, Prima! or Lifetime Records, and has played Techno-Dj sets all across Germany (Fundbureau, Terrace Hill, Hamburg; Douala, Ravensburg; Radio-X, Frankfurt am Main; Tanzbar, Stralsund; Election, Sinsheim, Festplatz Nord, Hamburg; Hongkong, Hamburg; Registratur, München viele Open Airs). Easy-going, fast, bold and always technically perfect, open-minded to every genre of electronic music and the combination of them: so could one describe Thomas Atzmann’s approach to music, in his DJ sets as well as his individual music production. He is currently working on projects that combine self-recorded sounds like vocals, every kind of percussions, and different atmospheres with rolling beats full of bass and reduced melodies. His music could be characterized as groovy melodious Minimal Techno. He is additionally working on common projects with artists like Clark Davis, Minimal Lounge, Nova & Saschko.